Key to our investment services provision is understanding the client’s ambitions. Once we’re in tune with what our client is seeking to achieve – yields, investment preferences, risk considerations, etc – we go about agreeing a strategy, researching and shortlisting the options available together with our expert view on what’s best, including our view on future prospects for the specific investment and its location, infrastructure and amenities. Our service includes a complete due diligence review on each opportunity presented. Investments that might meet the needs of our clients include undeveloped sites; existing commercial premises, including office blocks, shops and upper parts; residential buy-to-let holdings; and development opportunities involving new-builds or conversions. We do the leg work, so that our clients have choices on where to place their capital for optimal returns and advise on how to optimise any financial and taxation considerations. Our clients have invested in many types of property assets, including balanced multi-property portfolios; hotel, serviced apartment and student housing schemes; office block developments; and residential developments.

We advise clients on all aspects of their investment activity, including detailed market research, opportunity analysis, advice on funding and financial structures, specific investment recommendations, opportunities to partner or JV with other investors, commercial implications of relevant property law and access to legal and taxation advisers, briefings on occupational leases and agreements, providing evaluations and appraisals of residential and commercial investments, as well as ongoing investment reports.

As agents, we can both acquire and manage property investments directly on behalf of individuals, family offices and investor consortia. We can handle everything, from sourcing and negotiating the purchase price, to facilitating necessary finance and conveyancing. Once purchased, we can manage any investment assets and handle tenant relationships.