We’ve been in the property market for over 40 years. Our team’s experience spans every aspect of property ownership and management, through transactions and agency activity, investment strategies and consulting, asset management, and financing.

What has always distinguished us from other property consultants is our unrelenting focus on what’s right for our clients and their diverse needs. This is all about how we’ve established the group in pursuit of superior value investment, development and transaction opportunities. We know the markets, and we are highly selective in the projects we choose to be involved with. This adds value for those who partner with us, and fuels our growth and competitiveness.

We attract clients who favour a more individualised style of working in partnership with us, so that each client achieves what they want – both financially and in terms of the types of investment and development projects they choose to explore with us. In asset management, this may include advice on the specific timing and choice of their acquisitions and disposals; in other areas, it will be regular information on off-market and receivership disposal opportunities. We make sure all our clients are as informed as they can be about their options and how we can help them. This includes the value we bring through our research briefings, and by sharing information with our partners and through our blogs on social media. These insights cover all aspects of property ownership and management for optimal value.

We recognise that every client has their specific needs and preferences, which we respect and work hard to satisfy, so that our clients succeed in their ambitions. We are driven by making things happen for clients, so when we encounter problems, we look for creative solutions. It’s this mindset that helps us stay close to our clients and be there for them when it counts throughout their property cycle, from investment and divestment strategy to pre-acquisition business planning, through purchase due-diligence, transaction support, project and development activity, asset management, tenant liaison, and a whole spectrum of property ownership and funding services.